VERY HONORED to have taken the stage at herCAREER in Munich to deliver my talk about “Can quantum computers hack your crypto wallet?“,

My talk at herCAREER
  1. The biggest danger to blockchain-based crypto wallets is a quantum computer’s ability to break traditional encryption
  2. A quantum computer that can decrypt current cryptographic ciphers of blockchains is more than a decade off
  3. The hazard of such a quantum computer is high enough that the prioritization of the development of post-quantum cryptography for cryptocurrencies is critical

I am honored and humbled to be nominated in the category Gender for the German Diversity Award! 🏆🏅🎉

German Diversity Award

Welche Bedeutung hat Diversität für die Nominierte?

“Frauen dabei zu helfen, ihre Karriere in der Technologiebranche voranzutreiben, so wie Victoria es getan hat, liegt ihr sehr am Herzen — so sehr, dass sie sich seit ihrer Zeit bei der Deutschen Bahn für eine ganzheitliche Antwort auf eine branchenweite Herausforderung in der IT-Industrie einsetzt: Diversität.“

Wofür und in welcher Dimension engagiert sich die Person besonders?

„Victoria betrachtet sie das Mentoring, Coaching und Sponsoring weiblicher Teammitglieder bei der Universität Cambridge, Deutschen Bahn und in der Strategieberatung als einen entscheidenden…

I am honored and humbled to be nominated in the category Empowered Women for the Hidden Figures Award! 🏆🏅🎉

Hidden Figures Award

Tell us about the work that the nominee does to empower women?

Why should the nominee receive above selected award?

herCAREER 2021

Ten free tickets to herCAREER to raffle!

10 free tickets to herCAREER

I am very honored and humbled to announce that I will be speaking at herCAREER on Sept 16–17, 2021 in Munich about

“Can quantum computers hack your crypto wallet?“!

My talk at herCAREER
  1. Understand why quantum computers could be about to destroy your blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallets
  2. See what new ways are in place to save blockchain from quantum and
  3. Learn why crypto is a potential application for quantum computing

Creating Something from Nothing

My father was born in a family of craftspeople, my mother in a farming family.

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Leadership: SOURCE.

I followed their way and build on what they have achieved: I worked early and hard.

Compelling Leadership Communication

Leveraging the Team: SOURCE.

How I deliver strong results, master new types of expertise, and recognised that my behaviour counts

Since day one at my previous employer, my supervisor noticed that I consistently and significantly outperformed my peer group…

Successful leadership: SOURCE.

1. In my customer engagements, I performed with distinction and my results came never at the expense of someone else. I also proved my credibility.

T-7 days left until the deadline to vote for me for the Digital Female Leader Award ends! 🚨⏲️🗳️

Digital Female Leader Award

Victoria Riess

MBA Candidate @Cambridge University | Ex-Corporate Strategy | Award-winning Women in Tech | Speaker | AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer | Data Scientist @RiessVictoria

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