My Year in Sport 2022 Strava

Completed again a total of

🗺5,689 km road cycling with

📈42,757 m elevation on

🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️231 days

A decent Year In Sport, bring on 2023! 💪🏋️‍♀️🚀



I am honored to be nominated in the category Drive Careers for the FTAfelicitas Award 2023 powered by Femtec.Alumnae e.V.! 🏆🏅🎉

FTAfelicitas Award 2023

My special thanks go to the judges Lydia Kaiser @Annahita Esmailzadeh Miriam Wohlfarth @Pia Pohlmann-Delbridge @Carsten Röttgen @Luise Kranich @Cawa Younosi who stand for lived diversity and inclusion in technology industries! 🙏👏

👉Come and vote now for me for the FTAfelicitas Award until December 31, 2022 (👇link below)🙏🏆

@Annkathrin Swanson @Isabel Neuhaus @Tiana Trumpa @Tiziana Tiberni @Martin Harz-Vratil @Helga Lukoschat @Anne Kathrin Altendorf @Pamela Stenzel @Anne Bergmann



to all of my teams, clients, partners & friends!

Happy Holidays 2022

For the third year running, global events including crises demonstrated leaders that we must make difference in the world at large.

Digital disruption and sustainability, value and purpose as well as ethical leadership will constitute the future of corporate governance.

Our corporate purpose is now to create added value, set values and culture, vision, mission and strategy as well as value to society and shareholder value for the common good.

Thank you to my teams, clients, partners & friends! Together we are driving this global change at the forefront. Happy holidays!



Victoria Riess, MBA

Senior Strategy Leader @McKinsey | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Ex-Corporate Strategy | Keynote Speaker | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Data Scientist