AI and new work — Victoria Riess

All in one place: the best AI and new work section you’ve ever watched from Victoria Riess!

Victoria Riess, MBA
2 min readMay 19, 2024
AI and new work — Victoria Riess

You can now enjoy all 5 mins of Victoria Riess’ AI and new work section designed to enlighten genAI beginners, grow new work leaders, inform better citizens and amuse AI experts!

The entire course is the feast version. If you prefer to learn in nano bite-sized nibbles, you can find the individual chapters as short videos on this section.

00 Revolutionize work

01 Talent crisis in the technology sector

02 Engineers with at least three offers

03 Digital skills as a solution to the talent crisis

04 Technology empowers along the employee lifecycle

05 Technology and recruitment

06 Technology and employee retention

07 Technology and performance

08 A great opportunity to make a difference

If you are keen to hear more of Victoria Riess’ AI and new work, book her Revolutionize work through technology course.

Looking for hands-on applied AI and new work nano tutorials? Here are some of Victoria Riess’ favorite 8 minute walkthroughs:

Applied AI and new work section



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