Celebrating International Women’s Day

Shout out to strong women leaders in tech everywhere

International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women in tech breaking down barriers, trailblazing women leaders. In honor of International Women’s Day 2019, I talk today about my own “crazy” accomplishments as a next generation women leader. It is about inspiring and enabling female leaders of all levels to achieve their potential in tech.

“So if they want to call you ’crazy’, fine. Show them what ’crazy’ can be.“ — Serena Williams, 2019

Turns out, people said it was “crazy“ for me to

  • Progress from transportation & logistics to information technology & (financial) services with an arts background (promotion);
  • And lead end-to-end from day one 3+ C-level client projects at the same time (driving projects) with a demanding (new) client team/transition (outstanding performance) to solve our clients (new) most critical problems in technology through (new) quantitative methodologies;
  • And do whatever it takes to get the job in time, on budget done and achieve high client satisfaction (exceeding targets), including going the extra mile — literally — by running 2+ steering committees at a distance of 1,200 km in one day;
  • And make an exceptional impact within and shape my organization with the definition of strategic global target business process model for end-to-end credit card management and scoping my organization’s approach on prepaid product strategy assessment, etc. (new solutions);
  • And mentor, coach female team members through my ability to inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders and in the example as a women in tech I provide to colleagues (example);
  • And lead the Tech agenda and grow into different roles that have not even been invented yet, including the initiation of a business development project on freemium insurance products in the EMEA region with one of the worldwide leading reinsurance companies (thought leadership);
  • And act as a public speaker about technology, digital payments, and cryptocurrency at the largest hacker convention in Europe, Chaos Communication Congress (technical expertise);
  • And push myself to grow outside of my comfort zone — ever day — by training 22 km per day all year round on my racing bicycle (passionate about my live as I am about my work);
  • And then believe in the ability of technology to change the world for women who strive to achieve greatness. All at the same time.

But you know what? It is only “crazy“ until you do it.

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Engagement Manager @McKinsey | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Ex-Corporate Strategy | Speaker | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Data Scientist

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Victoria Riess, MBA

Victoria Riess, MBA

Engagement Manager @McKinsey | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Ex-Corporate Strategy | Speaker | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Data Scientist

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