Congratulations — I have graduated!

I did it! VERY honored & humbled to announce that I have graduated from AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree program in Udacity Technology Scholarship powered by Bertelsmann!

AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree

I am a strategy consultant by day, coder by night and now part of a powerful, global network of lifelong learners and industry thought leaders. I am as excited as Udacity is about this incredible achievement.

Wondering what comes next? Completing my Nanodegree program is an exciting achievement, but it is just the beginning. The skills I have gained will help me to succeed in new ways and advance in new directions.

Udacity can’t wait to see what I do next with the knowledge I have gained and wish me all the best with my future endeavors.

Stay curious and keep learning!

For more information visit:

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