Do you want to make outstanding contributions to technology and business in Europe?

We are VERY HONORED to announce the foundation of our own technology business, Riess Consulting, one of the leading German digital strategy consultancies,

Victoria Riess, MBA
2 min readApr 21, 2024
Riess Consulting, one of the leading German digital strategy consultancies

inspiring others to start their own technology-related venture through my vision and talent.

As Senior Strategy Leader and Board Advisor in Technology, Keynote Speaker, Author and Top Women Leader in Tech, I accompany you as an Entrepreneur and Managing Director on your way through the digital transformation.

Board Advisor

As sparring partner for you as C-level Management, I align your business activities for the future in a sustainable and value-enhancing way through digital transformation.

Senior Strategy Advisor and CTO

As Strategist, I achieve long-term financial impact for you as Business Owner through the successful realignment and digitization of business models.

Interim CTO and CDO

You as Managing Director benefit from my leadership style, which is characterized by applying my technical expertise in cybersecurity and ESG in an understandable way and in difficult situations.

Digital Innovator, ESG and Diversity & Inclusion Expert

My transformative and inclusive style is focused on effective, entrepreneurial and prudent governance with value creation for all stakeholders.

Keynote Speaker

My style is characterized by explaining technical knowledge in an understandable and entertaining way. My visually stunning keynotes are interactive and engage your audience.

Executive Coach and Mentor

I am a Coach who helps you as Leader to manage change and complexity, to break new ground and to achieve the goals of your organizations.


I bring you the future as it happens. From the latest in technology and digital transformation to the big stories in strategy and leadership, I’ve got you covered.

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Victoria Riess, MBA

Senior Strategy Leader & Digital Board Advisor | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Keynote Speaker |