Google Women Developer Academy Europe

This month-long Women Developer Academy programme is to equip senior professional women in tech with the skills, resources and support they need to become leaders in the industry through public speaking and other community contributions.

Google Women Developer Academy 2021

Organized and initiated by Google, the Google Developers Academy programme was a great training to land more speaking opportunities, improve my public speaking skills and build my confidence and network. I enjoyed working together to bring diversity to the stage, because impact does not end there, that’s where it starts!

I very much enjoyed…

  1. weekly workshops focussing on a specific topic and having access to weekly 1:1 mentor sessions facilitated by Googlers and technical experts within the European developer community
  2. to meet, connect, and network with other women developers who are on a similar journey and support you to find speaking opportunities through their developer community network to showcase my newly developed presentations

My special thanks go to my mentors @Emily J. Ryan Chanel Greco Anita George Evi Karakozoglou and the speakers Karin-Aleksandra Monoid @Richard Thornber Kate Munday Natalie Pistunovich Lara Martín Martina Kraus Justyna Politanska-Pyszko!

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Victoria Riess, MBA

Victoria Riess, MBA


Engagement Manager @McKinsey | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Ex-Corporate Strategy | Speaker | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Data Scientist