Google’s ‘Road to Google Developers Expert’ Graduate 👩‍💻🏅🎊

Google’s ‘Road to Google Developers Expert’ Certificate

selected to be one of the four percent Google Developers Expert aspirants from a pool of c. 1,500+ global applicants!

This ‘Road to Google Developers Expert’ mentoring program focuses on supporting people from historically underrepresented groups in tech — such as women like me — on their path to becoming a GDE.

Organized and initiated by Google, the program was to help me become an Expert in the cloud field that I am already passionate about and prepared me throughout three months of mentoring experience for the Google Developer Experts program.

I very much enjoy having the guidance, encouragement and support of my trusted and experienced mentor @Antonella Blasetti to…

1. Provide me with a broad range of benefits

  • 300+ hours of mentoring sessions
  • Meeting my Buddy
  • 100+ swag kits happily received

2. Lead me to increased community visibility and impact

  • 90 days of challenging myself and learning
  • Delivering talks, writing articles, shining on social media
  • Video Content Creation workshop

My special thanks go to my ‘Road to GDE’ mentor and the program team Justyna Politanska-Pyszko Magdalena Wlodarska @Pati Jurek Nino Nanitashvili Chiara Giuliano Tim Messerschmidt Noa Havazelet Zviad Kardava Ekaterina Vinnichenko Alessandro Palmieri @Alicja Olga Heisig Dirk Primbs Florence Poirel Laura Cincera Jozef VODICKA Nathalie Pereira!

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Victoria Riess, MBA

Victoria Riess, MBA

Engagement Manager @McKinsey | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Ex-Corporate Strategy | Speaker | Cloud DevOps Engineer | Data Scientist