How CEOs make an impact with technology

The last few years have been pretty exhausting, haven’t they?

Victoria Riess, MBA
2 min readMar 31, 2024
Top Keynote How CEOs make an impact with technology

And yet I’m optimistic

Because the world offers us opportunities to make an impact with technology

The world needs you again

During the pandemic, you all created a wave of digital technologies that kept the world going

And now the shaky world needs you again

Recession, economic uncertainty and inflation

New survey data shows that the economy are the main areas of focus for the board

And that’s tough, yes

But it also creates new opportunities for CEOs and entrepreneurs to make an impact with technology

3-fold growth rates

Global surveys show that CEOs have prioritized growth less in recent years

So the growth curve has gone down, but your digital leadership can bring the curve back up

Surveys show that companies that are digital leaders expect three times more growth

Strategic levers

Strategic tech levers will help you achieve this growth, but in a different way,

Because your employees, your customers, your investors need technology for sustainable growth

Technology for sustainable growth

Sustainable growth is more than just financial results

It is a set of digital investments that deliver repeatable financial results in an efficient and responsible way

Make an impact and taking over the CEO leadership

That’s why I have strategic technology trends and digital transformation best practices,

As strategic levers you need to create technology for sustainable growth

First, make an impact by investing in current technologies

Second, drive digital transformation

When we bring the two together, you get technology for sustainable growth

Take action and make decisions

Even if the world feels a little shaky at the moment, you can’t opt out

You still need to take action and make decisions

There are a variety of technology trends you can invest in and best practices for your leadership in digital transformation

Technology is nothing without CEO leadership

Choose the technologies that fit your company’s ambitions and risk appetite

But now it’s your turn to drive digital transformation

You are the ultimate strategic levers

You are the ones who will provide the technology for sustainable growth

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