How to unlock the future of SMEs with digital transformation

I gave answers in my keynote at Wirtschaftsregion Bamberg-Forchheim’s 5th Expert Day,

Victoria Riess keynote “Digital transformation for the future viability of SMEs“

highlighting pioneering technology trends and strategic levers for sustainable growth:

1. Make an impact with tech

  • Invest in in current technologies to optimize, scale or be a pioneer
  • The top five trends, from applied analytics to the metaverse, enable innovation and impact

2. Technology is nothing without your leadership

  • Technology alone is not enough — your leadership is critical
  • Learn to, invest in technology enablers by driving digital transformation
  • Three best practices from digital science to green energy will lead you to sustainable success

3. You are the ultimate lever

  • You will understand that your leadership is the ultimate lever to make an impact and transform digitally: from mindset, through skillset, to toolset

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Victoria Riess, MBA

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