How will GenAI change the way we work?

I had a fantastic time at Otto Group’s Initiative ZukunftsWerte AI workshop, and I felt so welcomed and comfortable

Victoria Riess, MBA
2 min readJun 2, 2024
Otto Group’s Initiative ZukunftsWerte AI workshop expert

This exclusive ZukunftsWerte AI workshop is Otto Group’s initiative to move from talk to action together with decision-makers from family-owned and medium-sized companies, founders and scientists.

Initiated by Alexander Birken, the ZukunftsWerte workshop was a great opportunity to enter into a dialog about how GenAI will change the way we work and see where artificial intelligence is already being used and how this fits in with their values.

Initiative ZukunftsWerte AI workshop

The event was great, and I appreciated being part of it. Here’s my very own 3-step playbook on an opportunity-oriented and at the same time responsible design of generative AI:

1. Prioritize GenAI use cases as strategic advantage

  • Identify and implement the use cases that will become a source of competitive advantage and quantify and measure the business value of GenAI for each employee and the whole organization

2. Prioritize the employee in the GenAI transformation

  • Redefine operating models and strategic strategic personnel plans as well as performance management and incentivisation
  • Employ a change management approach that prioritizes employee training and well-being through GenAI employee access and enablement and low-code engineering platforms as well as ambassador and award programs

3. Reduce risks of GenAI through governance

  • Develop responsible AI guardrails to mitigate GenAI risks

What’s your take on where you already use AI and how you fit this in with your values?

Thank you @Alexander Birken @Michael Müller-Wünsch @Sebastian Walter for having me as your guest expert.

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