Mission Female Network Member

This Mission Female network provides me with the trust and exchange at eye level and actively strengthens me in my personal and professional development to advance even further together professionally.

Mission Female Network Member

1. Network and exchange

  • Regular coming together, getting to know each other, learning, as well as personal and content-related exchange to promote mutual trust-building and create opportunities

2. Personal development

  • Active career support via a variety of offerings for personal development, skills enhancement and expertise expansion

3. Visibility

  • Being made even more visible through cooperation with selected conference organizers, trade fair organizations and excellent media and press contacts

My special thanks go to the Mission Female Network @Frederike Probert Annika-Sophie Butt @Andrea Eckes @Sabine Räbiger @Nora Sickeler @Rosa Markarian @Sarah Joye Böttcher!

@Mission Female #strongertogether #missionfemale @Johanna Klüver Eva Palmer @Wiebke Kordes @Simone Merfeld @Julia Heinz @Sandrina Köhler Dana Lange @Daniela Gailer @Chantel Fouquet @Bonny Ferrer @Jackie Oevermann #womenintech #womeninSTEM #womenintech #femaleleaders #womeninstem #womenwhocode #womenleaders #womenleadership #womenspeakers #womeninbusiness #womenonboards



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