My panel “Empowering sustainable business (ESG)” at Females in IT — Future of IT conference

Victoria Riess, MBA
1 min readJun 12, 2022

I am VERY HONORED to have taken the stage at Females in IT — Future of IT 2022 conference to deliver my panel “Empowering sustainable business (ESG)”,

My panel “Empowering sustainable business (ESG)”​

highlighting what digital transformation and empowered leadership means in the context of sustainability.

The top three takeaways from my FIT panel about ESG, digital transformation, and leadership are

  1. Future of corporate governance is defined by digital disruption and sustainability, value and purpose as well as leadership (ESG)
  2. Digital disruption changes accountability of corporate governance, therefore new board matters are needed
  3. Corporate purpose is now to create added value, set values and culture (‘tone from the top’), vision, mission and strategy as well as value to society and shareholder value for common good

I would also like to give shoutout to my fellow panelists — Thank you!

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