My talk about Google’s quantum supremacy at Chaos Communication Congress

Victoria Riess, MBA
1 min readJun 28, 2020

VERY HONORED to have taken the stage at Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig to deliver my talk about Google Developers’s quantum supremacy,

My talk at Chaos Communication Congress 2019, Leipzig

highlighting what quantum supremacy means for cryptocurrency & cryptomining, where having highly efficient machine gives you an edge over everyone else.

Top 3 takeaways from my 36C3 talk about Google’s quantum supremacy:

1) Google’s quantum supremacy experiment is historic milestone for whole field of quantum computing

2) Quantum computer that can decrypt current cryptographic ciphers of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies is more than decade off

3) Hazard of such quantum computer is high enough that prioritization of development post-quantum cryptography for cryptocurrencies is critical for minimizing chance of potential security & privacy disaster

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