Otto Group’s Initiative ZukunftsWerte member

I had the honor to join Otto Group for their Initiative ZukunftsWerte event!

Victoria Riess, MBA
2 min readDec 17, 2023
Otto Group’s Initiative ZukunftsWerte member

This exclusive ZukunftsWerte networking dinner is Otto Group’s initiative for entrepreneurs and founders as well as politicians and NGOs on new issues of the AI age to make a contribution to the social discourse on corporate responsibility in times of AI change.

Organized by Alexander Birken, the ZukunftsWerte event was a great opportunity to jointly strengthen the future viability of Germany and Europe as a business location for AI development and adoption — from talk to action.

Here’s my very own five cents on an opportunity-oriented and at the same time responsible approach to and design of AI.

1. Mitigate changes to business models, working & living environments

  • AI diffusion. Facilitate intro of AI, define promotional policy measures, develop AI skills required
  • Labor markets. Mitigate impact of AI on job placement and quality, build AI skills needed
  • Ethics. Address key risks in workplace and live through policy measures

2. Get employees excited about changes

  • AI augmentation. Balance automation with human insight and AI-augment workforce
  • Employee value. Explain ‘Why’ of AI and continuously communicate employee value
  • Upskilling. Make upskilling organizational commitment and adjust operating model

3. Successfully implement AI with right framework conditions

  • Resourcing. Provide data sharing, AI computing infrastructure and grants for business R&D
  • People. Train for AI skills and education, launch public awareness campaigns and civic participation
  • Policies. Define laws around AI liability, prepare for mandatory reporting requirements

4. Prepare business, administration and civil society for AI future

  • AI ambition. Define national AI ambition, invest in AI skills and education
  • Policies. Emerge AI-related policy and regulation, build global and local cooperation ecosystem
  • Funding. Consider public investment in AI, develop research and innovation

5. Adapt business values to ensure responsible approach to AI

  • Responsible AI. Add Responsible AI to CEO agenda to catalyze and safeguard innovation
  • AI ethics. Resolve complicated ethical questions around AI deployments and investments
  • AI risks. Reduce AI failures and realize more value from AI itself

What’s your take on how to move from talk to action for an opportunity-oriented and at the same time responsible approach to and design of AI?

My special thanks go to the team from Otto @Michael Müller-Wünsch @Marie-Claire Schroeder @Thomas Voigt @Isabella Grindel!



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