The Web Summit was a blast,

Web Summit conference 2019, Lisbon

with 4 days packed with talks, networking, workshops, roundtables and night summits to redefine the global tech industry.

Here’s my rundown of the 4 key takeaways from Web Summit in Lisbon:

  1. Edward @Snowden warns about data collection, surveillance: “The most powerful institutions in society have become the least accountable“
  2. “The world represented by your data is the only world you can succeed“ states Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist Google Developers, about using data for decision making
  3. Microsoft Design’s President @Brad Smith predicts: AI will be as transformative to society as the combustion engine over the next 3 decades
  4. Amazon will “go out of business in 10 to 15 years“ if it stops innovating says CTO Werner Vogels from Amazon

I would also like to give a shoutout to all of the who’s who of CXOs and founders who I have met — Thank you!

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