What were leaders reading during the first half of 2023?

My top ten articles from H1 feature insights on…

Victoria Riess, MBA
1 min readAug 13, 2023
Top ten articles

ChatGPT and generative AI, quantum computing and cybersecurity and other crucial themes in leadership, digital transformation and equality shaping business, government and society.

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  1. Knacken Quantencomputer Kryptowährungen? ➡️ https://rb.gy/uqxrm
  2. ChatGPT und künstliche Intelligenz — Chancen und Herausforderungen generativer künstlicher Intelligenz für Aufsichtsrat und Corporate Governance ➡️ https://rb.gy/se9kg6
  3. Interview for The “5 Premium Speakers Questions” ➡️ https://rb.gy/vdhtp
  4. Steht Quantencomputing davor Kryptowährungen zu hacken? ➡️ https://rb.gy/j03m8
  5. Kick start your tech career — Interview with Victoria Riess ➡️ https://rb.gy/qsdlh
  6. Leadership Reflections — On my work in the CEO Office of a leading process mining company ➡️ https://rb.gy/iijmg
  7. Designing for social change to create shared value innovation ➡️ https://rb.gy/fmcas
  8. Digital Transformation — An opportunity for telecommunication companies to maintain their global competitiveness ➡️ https://rb.gy/gq8v4
  9. IoT analytics and smart energy ➡️ https://rb.gy/20skq
  10. CreatOrSpace — Match, swipe, collaborate! ➡️ https://rb.gy/lc6tg

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