Which strategic technology trends do CEOs need to create Tech for sustainable growth?

I am excited to showcase my strategy thought leadership, digital transformation expertise and Top Women Leadership in Tech through my speakers profile on SpeakerX!

Victoria Riess, MBA
2 min readFeb 25, 2024
Victoria Riess’ thought leader profile on SpeakerX

As thought leader, I showed the value of digital capabilities to a wider audience, with over 25 keynotes and more than 52,000 attendees.

  • Technology trends and digital transformation. I have five strategic technology trends and three best practices for digital transformation as force multipliers, which CEOs need to create Tech for sustainable growth.
  • Artificial intelligence and new work. I will explain how to revolutionize work through technology, highlighting why AI is an important enabler for new ways of working.
  • Quantum computing and cybersecurity. I will explain quantum computing, ‘quantum supremacy’ and cryptocurrencies in an understandable and entertaining way.
  • D&I and Women In Tech. I will explain why investors and executive boards must see the importance of diversity for good corporate governance.

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Victoria Riess, MBA

Senior Strategy Leader & Digital Board Advisor | WomenTech Global Award | TechWomen100 | Keynote Speaker | victoriariess.de