The year that made me a Board Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Top Women Leader

TL;DR: 2022 in review

Victoria Riess, MBA
8 min readJan 8, 2023

The combination of war, inflation, energy scarcity and climate change was not what anyone expected. But 2022 has also proven to be a year of resilience. I showed the experience and expertise of those leaders who find pragmatic solutions in a crisis, who can build supportive, sustainable teams and can cooperate. As we turn a new corner, we are reminded of this year’s pivotal moments and their lessons. Here is my take on 2022.

1. I became a certified Senior Strategy Advisor in Tech, leading technology teams with global remit, demonstrating empathetic leadership and transforming my organisations into technology-led, data-driven firms

Certified Deutscher Digitaler Beirat

I was certified as Digital Advisory Board Member by Deutsche Digitale Beiräte, the exclusive platform and network which provides Top Management and Shareholders with Digital Advisory Board Members who act as digitally expert advisory boards for your company.

Certified Deutscher Digitaler Beirat

Google’s ‘Road to Google Developers Expert’ Cloud Graduate

I graduated from Google’s ‘Road to GDE’ for Cloud mentoring program as one of the four percent of Google Developers Expert aspirants from a pool of c. 1,500+ global applicants.

Google’s ‘Road to Google Developers Expert’ Cloud Graduate

Senior Strategy Leader at McKinsey

I joined McKinsey as Senior Strategy Leader to address my clients’ technological, economic, environmental, and social challenges of our world. I have the pleasure to work at the forefront to (re-)establish trust with all stakeholders and act with purpose.

C-level strategy consulting projects

I advised the CIO of one of largest sportswear manufacturers how to hire more than 1,000 tech talent by executing the six-step talent recruitment program, including

Talent Recruitment Strategy Consulting Project

1. Execute six workstreams

  • Implement six workstreams — from vision through HR transformation and enablement to inorganic growth

2. Manage four hiring and six post-hiring risks

  • Risks are related to capability and capacity as well as retention and development

3. Implement 10 mitigation strategies

  • Mitigate risks by C-level attention, continuous learning, borderless sourcing and agile reorg

Invite-only Neuburger Gesprächskreis Member

I was invited to join Neuburger Gesprächskreis’ exclusive network for a lifetime for all companies, friends and alumni of the University of Passau.

Mission Female Network Member

I was selected for Mission Female’s exclusive network for successful women across industries at the highest level.

2. I developed into a known Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader, representing the sector on current and future state technology topics

My keynote “Empowering sustainable business (ESG)” at Females in IT — Future of IT conference

I took the stage at Females in IT — Future of IT 2022 conference to deliver my panel Empowering sustainable business (ESG),

highlighting what digital transformation and empowered leadership means in the context of sustainability.

My keynote at Females in IT — Future of IT conference

The top three takeaways from my panel about ESG, digital transformation, and leadership at Females in IT — Future of IT conference, one of Germany’s largest Women In Tech conferences with 500+ attendees, 8+ C-level speakers, 4+ C-level keynotes, 4+ tracks, 1+ panel, 3+ workshops, 5+ thinktanks, are

  1. Future of corporate governance is defined by digital disruption and sustainability, value and purpose as well as leadership (ESG)
  2. Digital disruption changes accountability of corporate governance, therefore new board matters are needed
  3. Corporate purpose is now to create added value, set values and culture (‘tone from the top’), vision, mission and strategy as well as value to society and shareholder value for common good

Over four Keynote Speaker profiles

I showcased thought leadership in digital transformation through my keynote speakers profile listings on over four speakers directories. As thought leader, I showed the value of digital capabilities to a wider audience, with over twenty keynotes and more than 48,600 attendees.

Premium Speakers

I showed thought leadership in corporate strategy, expertise in digital transformation and cybersecurity as well as my Top Women Leadership in Tech through my keynote speakers profile on Premium Speakers, one of the leading speaker agencies worldwide.

Keynote Speakers profile on Premium Speakers

Future Shapers

I demonstrated thought leadership in digital transformation through my keynote speaker profile on Future Shapers. Top Clients will find me as Keynote Speaker for digital transformation and mega trends of future who knows best how to reach audience.

Ladies in Tech

I showcased thought leadership in technology through my speakers profile on LiT — Ladies in Tech by eco — Association of the Internet Industry, who decided to put women on centre stage through their speaker directory.

Speakers profile on LiT — Ladies in Tech

I displayed thought leadership in quantum computing, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity as well as strategy, digital transformation, leadership, cloud, diversity and inclusion, and ESG through my speakers profile on

3. As Top Women Leader, I led by example, championed diversity and inclusivity as the baseline of business

Feature: My interview for the What Happened Next series on WeAreTechWomen

I was featured on WearetechWomen from WeAreTheCity HQ as one of the TechWomen100 Award Winners 2021, the leading series of articles showcasing what has happened in my career since winning the TechWomen100 Award.

My interview on WeAreTechWomen

Since winning the TechWomen100 award, I developed into a sound Senior Strategy Leader in technology by being promoted into a senior role

I developed into a known thought leader in technology by being invited to over five speaking engagements with more than 15,100 attendees only in 2021

Besides the TechWomen100 award, I was recognised with the prestigious WomenTech Global Awards by the WomenTech Network

Three-time Top Women Leader in Tech Award Finalist

I was three-times shortlisted as Top Women Leader in Tech Award Finalist

Finalist German Diversity Award

I was recognised as finalist with the prestigious German Diversity Award in the category Audience Award powered by Beyond Gender Agenda and Philip Morris GmbH for my outstanding achievements in inspiring the community in my company and the public with my commitment in promoting diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion.

Finalist German Diversity Award

Victoria regards mentoring, coaching and sponsoring female team members at Riess Consulting, Cambridge University, Mastercard and Deutsche Bahn as a critical part of her success. She is focused on three dimensions hiring, developing, and retaining women at all stages of their careers, as Founder of Riess Consulting and in the technology industry.

Rising Star Global Award for Achievement Finalist

I was shortlisted as finalist for the Rising Star Awards in the category Global Award for Achievement powered by WeAreTheCity HQ and Royal Bank of Canada to award my achievements in representing one of the leaders and role models of tomorrow.

Rising Star Global Award for Achievement Finalist

Victoria is a Founder in the technology industry, Cambridge MBA, and an award-winning Women in Tech. She has a track record as a women leader in tech and over twelve years of leadership experience in general management, digital strategy consulting, and corporate strategy on digital transformation.

FTAfelicitas Award Finalist 2022

I was shortlisted as finalist in the category Inspire As Rolemodel for the FTAfelicitas-Preis. The FTAfelicitas Award 2022 powered by Femtec.Alumnae e.V. to celebrate my achievements to inspire women and men to change existing patterns and models in STEM professions by acting as a role model.

Four-time Top Women Leader in Tech Award Nominee

I was four-times nominated for the Top Women Leader in Tech Awards by my sponsors and mentors in the category

FTAfelicitas Award 2023

Drive Careers for the FTAfelicitas-Preis powered by Femtec.Alumnae e.V. to award my achievements in promoting women — especially in STEM professions — and supporting them in their individual career plans

WomenTech Global Awards 2022

WomenTech Mentor of the Year for the WomenTech Global Awards powered by WomenTech Network to award my outstanding achievements as a leader in demonstrating initiative with the focus on mentorship, career development and impact while fostering diversity, inclusion and belonging.

WomenTech Global Awards 2022

Globant Awards — Women That Build 2022

Digital Leader for the Globant Awards — Women That Build powered by Globant to celebrate my achievements in generating an impactful change in the STEAM industry as a Director.

Globant Awards — Women That Build 2022

Finfluencer of the Year

Finfluencer of the Year for the Fintech of the Year Awards powered by Payment & Banking to celebrate my outstanding achievements as a leader who influences the fintech industry.

4. I worked to further the purpose of the business and the world, for a healthier, greener, happier working environment

Weekly online newsletter “Be a Leader Who Matters“

I published my new weekly online newsletter “Be a Leader Who Matters“ with access to content on on how to build the knowledge essential for senior leadership roles based on my own leadership experience,

with over 18 articles on strategy, leadership and change, and digitization and more than 4,000 subscribers

Weekly online newsletter “Be a Leader Who Matters“
  • Lead with impact, implement change and add value to your organization
  • Define your vision. Create and implement successful strategies in a changing world
  • Upgrade your quantitative skills and hone your analytical decision-making abilities

Over 18 published articles with more than 25,000 followers and 4,000 subscribers

My Year in Sport

I completed my Year In Sport again strong with a total of 5,689 km road cycling with 42,757 m elevation on 231 days 💪🏋️‍♀️🚀

Resilience will be essential to navigating continued disruption on the road to sustainable and inclusive growth and I will continue publishing insights on how that plays out for me in 2023!



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